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Spend Smart & Grow Fast

You’ve worked hard to raise the dough to fire up your business. Now we’re here to help you stay on top of your spending, not buried by admin. We make allocating budgets seamless and sorting expenses a breeze, so that you can focus on building your business.

Stay in control
of your dough

Faster business growth needs better money management. A Soldo account keeps up with your company's growth so you never lose control of where, when or how the business's money is spent.

Slice up
your dough

Give everyone in your team a physical or virtual card so they have the power to spend while you stay in control. Slice up your budget by setting fixed and flexible rules for each team member and department, so you can leave them free to make the spending decisions that will grow your business.

Flex your dough

Changing and updating spending limits in realtime is as easy as pie. With a complete live view of your company's spending, you have all the information needed to adjust and pivot for growth.

Fold spending and expenses into Xero

With a direct bank feed, Soldo integrates seamlessly with Xero, enabling transactions to sync daily. Stay on top of your accounting with daily transaction reconciliation.


Watch founders get into the nitty gritty, the ups and downs of raising and spending dough in our new series. They discuss the things you might be too afraid to ask in open and honest discussions over pizza.

Ep. 01 Interview with Carlo Gualandri & David Brear

What do you get when you put two founders in a room whose perspectives on raising money for business differ? A conversation between Carlo Gualandri (Soldo) and David Brear (11:FS).

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Ep. 02 Interview with Rob O’Donovan & Jeff Lynn

Pizza Lovers, Rob O’Donovan (Charlie HR) and Jeff Lynn (Seedrs) dive, unfiltered, into the fundraising experience.

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Ep. 03 Interview with Charles Armitage & Luke Lang

Charles Armitage (Florence) and Luke Lang (Crowdcube) get real about anxieties that come with nailing financial oversight.

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Ep. 04 Interview with Gemma Young & Sarah Welsh

Founders, Gemma Young (Homecode) and Sarah Welsh (HANX) get real about the creative tactics used to approach investors.

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Ep. 05 Interview with Urenna Okonkwo & Lyz Swanton

From 9 – 5 to founders, Urenna Okonkwo (Cashmere App) and Lyz Swanton (Feedr) use their money management experience to keep company spend on track.

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We’re not a bank, and we don’t want to replace yours. We exist to complement your current company bank account and help you stay in control of your spending. With us, you get: multi-card functionality under one account, a realtime view of all transactions and the freedom to adapt spending rules to suit your business's growth. We support the flow of your business so you never skip a beat.

Our team of tech veterans, payment pioneers and fresh minds help us to rewire business spending.

How it

Soldo streamlines the entire business expense cycle - from payment to reconciliation. Whether your business has two or two hundred employees, Soldo helps you manage your dough.

Soldo acts as a layer on top of your existing company bank account from which you can issue unlimited virtual and physical cards to employees. The Soldo dashboard lets you oversee all employee cards and manage all of your company spending.

Get Soldo Pro free for 3 months

Stay in control of your spending with 3 months free subscription for all your team. Fill in your details below to get started on our Pro plan.