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Interview with Rob O’Donovan & Jeff Lynn

Pizza Lovers, Rob O’Donovan (Charlie HR) and Jeff Lynn (Seedrs) dive, unfiltered, into the fundraising experience. 

Over some cold pizza, they give their opinion on what pitch decks should look like and how they should serve rather than slow down your raising experience. They also get very candid about how hard it was to balance fundraising with running and growing their companies.

Rob & Jeff's advice
  1. Think of your pitch deck as a tease, show just enough to draw people in.
  2. You will end up spending a little differently than you thought, that’s ok.
  3. Invest in people because balancing fundraising and running a business is no joke.
  4. When building product, always think product market fit.

A bit about Soldo

Soldo is the smarter way to take control of your company’s spending and expenses. Our vision was born out if a desire to help businesses manage their spending, save time, have greater visibility and control their expenses.

We’re on a mission to help founders learn from each other when it comes to raising and spending their hard-earned dough because sharing knowledge with each other is the fastest way to go.