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Urenna and Lyz say:
"Whatever you do for the business should serve the vision. If this is not the case, stop and reassess."
How does Soldo solve for this?

The way a company spends is important to serving the vision. Particularly for companies looking to change consumer behaviour, it is important that the company practices in their spending habits what they preach in the product.

With Soldo, businesses can set spending limits for cards, they can set criteria on not just how much they can spend but also where and in what currencies. This is great for expanding businesses as it means that tests can be made in outside markets from existing company accounts.

Businesses can shape a spending culture that reflects their businesses goals.

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In this playbook, find out everything from the best tools for managing spend, depending on your businesses' size to the mistake's founders have made that you can avoid. Spend smarter with Soldo’s specially researched playbook.

Interview with Urenna Okonkwo & Lyz Swanton

From 9 – 5 to founders, Urenna Okonkwo (Cashmere App) and Lyz Swanton (Feedr) use their money management experience to keep company spend on track. 

Coming into the entrepreneur game with personal savings and investment from friends and family, shaped how they handled and continue to handle company dough. They get very candid about the anxieties that come with staring down a runway, knowing that there is another raise in the future.

Urenna & Lyz's advice
  1. Being a founder is still showing up motivated on days when things aren’t looking up.
  2. Speaking with investors is great because it helps you evaluate and refine what your business is.
  3. Developing relationships with investors should begin long before you need to raise.
  4. Whatever you do for the business should serve the vision. If this is not the case, stop and reassess.

About Soldo

Soldo is the smarter way to take control of your company’s spending and expenses. Our vision was born out of a desire to help businesses manage their spending, save time, have greater visibility and control their expenses.

We’re on a mission to help founders learn from each other when it comes to raising and spending their hard-earned dough because sharing knowledge with each other is the fastest way to go.