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Hal Watts & Nick Black
"If you treat finances like just a bookkeeping exercise, you won’t get anything out of it."
How does Soldo solve for this?

Money management is about more than just numbers, it is the perfect tool to empower your employees and increase staff retention.

With Soldo, businesses can create bespoke budgets and rules for unlimited virtual and physical cards, allowing employees to make day to day spend decisions and say goodbye to unnecessary red tape. This means more employees enjoying spending autonomy without costing the business.

Businesses can give spending power without giving up control of the purse strings.

Playbook Download
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In this playbook, find out everything from the best tools for managing spend, depending on your businesses' size to the mistake's founders have made that you can avoid. Spend smarter with Soldo’s specially researched playbook.

Interview with Hal Watts & Nick Black

The fact that the company names rhyme makes this conversation between Hal Watts of Unmade and Nick Black of Cloudmade that much sweeter. 

On this episode of Dough Stories, Hal and Nick use their experiences as tech founders to share some very pivotal insights around everything from spending mistakes new founders make to how to get the best of founder-investor relationships. 

Hal & Nick's advice
  1. Take investors on the journey of solving problems so that they have more belief that you are on top of things.
  2. If you treat finances like just a bookkeeping exercise, you won’t get anything out of it.
  3. Try to hand over day to day ownership of everything as soon as possible, so that you can move on to the next big question.
  4. One of the biggest mistake's founders make after raising money, is not spending it.

About Soldo

Soldo is the smarter way to take control of your company’s spending and expenses. Our vision was born out of a desire to help businesses manage their spending, save time, have greater visibility and control their expenses.

We’re on a mission to help founders learn from each other when it comes to raising and spending their hard-earned dough because sharing knowledge with each other is the fastest way to go.