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Jenene Crossan & Stephanie Eltz
"Don’t give in to the burn out culture, it is not sustainable"
How does Soldo solve for this?

For new founders, bootstrapping can look like wearing multiple hats at once so that money can be saved. This can mean being everything from CEO to accountant.

With Soldo, you can keep that accountant hat on and cut down on the hours of endless paperwork and receipt chasing very drastically. With in-app receipt capture, employees can spend, snap and upload expenses on the go. The direct bank feed integration with Xero then makes reconciling these purchases a breeze.

Businesses can keep accounting in house without letting it take over.

Playbook Download
Download the playbook

In this playbook, find out everything from the best tools for managing spend, depending on your businesses' size to the mistake's founders have made that you can avoid. Spend smarter with Soldo’s specially researched playbook.

Interview with Jenene Crossan & Stephanie Eltz

What does it mean to be a founder in the UK when you have not always been a UK native? Stephanie Eltz of Doctify and Jenene Crossan of Powered by Flossie answer. 

Stephanie and Jenene bring their experiences to this conversation, unfiltered. With strong desires to solve inefficiencies in their industry and long term understanding of the entrepreneurship, their invaluable knowledge makes for an unmissable episode. 

Jenene & Stephanie's advice
  1. Build long term, strategic relationships with investors, avoid the temptation of fast and quick wins.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help – people will help you when you ask.
  3. Don’t give in to the burn out culture, it is not sustainable.
  4. If you want to get anywhere in another country/market, you must analyse the culture, behaviour, language and adapt.

About Soldo

Soldo is the smarter way to take control of your company’s spending and expenses. Our vision was born out of a desire to help businesses manage their spending, save time, have greater visibility and control their expenses.

We’re on a mission to help founders learn from each other when it comes to raising and spending their hard-earned dough because sharing knowledge with each other is the fastest way to go.