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Amanda Thomson & Anthony Collias
"Make space in your budgeting for employees to make later stage spending suggestions"
How does Soldo solve for this?

The best part of growing a business is leaning on more minds to help make spending decisions – taking the expertise of others to make the business move further, faster.

With Soldo premium, businesses can increase the number of account administrators which means, more people with insight into how much the business has allocated and where, how the business is spending and where the inefficiencies and successes are.

Businesses can create more financial transparency within the company and us pre-existing discretionary budgets to support new ideas.

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In this playbook, find out everything from the best tools for managing spend, depending on your businesses' size to the mistake's founders have made that you can avoid. Spend smarter with Soldo’s specially researched playbook.

Interview with Amanda Thomson & Anthony Collias

The key word of this episode is “impact”. Amanda Thomson of Thomson & Scott and Anthony Collias of Stasher look at the long-term legacy that motivates the day to day decisions they make as founders. 

For Amanda and Anthony, staying on top of finances is top of the list for founders looking to grow and make change. With some likely controversial views on how companies should be spending to grow awareness, this episode poses challenging perspectives for founders looking to think outside the box. 

Amanda & Anthony's advice
  1. Successful entrepreneurs do not do it just for money, money is an inevitable reward.
  2. Before going to investors, pick your business apart and have answers to the tough questions.
  3. Make space in your budgeting for employees to make later stage spending suggestions.
  4. Stay in direct communication with your customers for as long as possible so that you never lose sight of the vision.

About Soldo

Soldo is the smarter way to take control of your company’s spending and expenses. Our vision was born out of a desire to help businesses manage their spending, save time, have greater visibility and control their expenses.

We’re on a mission to help founders learn from each other when it comes to raising and spending their hard-earned dough because sharing knowledge with each other is the fastest way to go.