Dough Stories

Season 1

Soldo, 11:FS, Seedrs, Charlie HR, HANX and more. Season 1 of Dough Stories is 5 stellar episodes on spending and raising from some of the UK’s top founders. This season will make you rethink everything you have ever known about the entrepreneur life while also making you slightly hungry. Our founders swap unfiltered stories over slices of hot (sometimes cold) pizza.

Episode 1

Carlo Gualandri & David Brear

What do you get when you put two founders in a room whose perspectives on raising money for business differ? A conversation between Carlo Gualandri (Soldo) and David Brear (11:FS).

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Episode 2

Rob O’Donovan & Jeff Lynn

Pizza Lovers, Rob O’Donovan (Charlie HR) and Jeff Lynn (Seedrs) dive, unfiltered, into the fundraising experience.

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Episode 3

Charles Armitage & Luke Lang

Charles Armitage (Florence) and Luke Lang (Crowdcube) get real about anxieties that come with nailing financial oversight.

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Episode 4

Gemma Young & Sarah Welsh

Founders, Gemma Young (Homecode) and Sarah Welsh (HANX) get real about the creative tactics used to approach investors.

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Episode 5

Urenna Okonkwo & Lyz Swanton

From 9 – 5 to founders, Urenna Okonkwo (Cashmere App) and Lyz Swanton (Feedr) use their money management experience to keep company spend on track.

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