Dough Stories

Season 2

Brexit & Nuts, Wine & Breast Pumps, Gender & Mental Health and more, Season 2 of Dough Stories brings together an even more diverse collection of founders, to share their experience raising and spending money to grow their game changing businesses. There’s more pizza, more laughs and more learnings as we get even more candid about how founders manage that dough.

Episode 1

Hal Watts & Nick Black

The fact that the company names rhyme makes this conversation between Hal Watts of Unmade and Nick Black of Cloudmade that much sweeter. 

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Episode 2

Gabriella Hersham & Tania Boler

Huckletree founder, Gabriella Hersham and Elvie founder, Tania Boler get real about their love of Slack the hardships that come with pitching untapped business ideas to investors. 

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Episode 3

Deepak Ravindran & Ally Fekaiki

When businesses with social impact, collide, we have Deepak Ravindran of Odd Box and Ally Fekaiki of We Are Juno chatting it up over pizza. 

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Episode 4

Jenene Crossan & Stephanie Eltz

What does it mean to be a founder in the UK when you have not always been a UK native? Stephanie Eltz of Doctify and Jenene Crossan of Powered by Flossie answer. 

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Episode 5

Chris Edson & Pippa Murray

Pippa Murray of Pip&Nut and Chris Edson of Second Nature give us the episode where we finally tackle the dreaded “B” word – Brexit and its impact on start-ups and scale ups. 

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Episode 6

Amanda Thomson & Anthony Collias

The key word of this episode is “impact”. Amanda Thomson of Thomson & Scott and Anthony Collias of Stasher look at the long-term legacy that motivates the day to day decisions they make as founders.

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Episode 7

Ryan Kohn & Jonathan Petrides

Two food-tech founders, one awesome conversation. Watch Jonathan Petrides of All Plants and Ryan Kohn of Propercorn share thoughts on raising and equity. 

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